Kirsch Method Acupuncture & Bodywork

Acupuncture with Craniosacral Therapy, Neural & Visceral Manipulation

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Acupuncture Applications in Craniosacral Contacts (AACC)

AACC1:  Governor Vessel, Midline, and the Reciprocal Tension Membrane:  

In this two day class we explore the congruence in the energetic anatomy of Governor Vessel with that of our midline, following the lower reciprocal tension membrane of the dural tube surrounding spinal cord from sacrum to forman magnum, and the upper reciprocal tension membrane of falx cerebri.  

We layer with discussion of kidney and bladder zangfu (organ) and channel (meridian) in relation to midline and spinal nerve correlations.

We look at the esoteric pairing of acupuncture points as location markers for the 7 main chakras as we work with the spine.

Lecture, anatomy aids, demonstration, and hands on practice will give the student a basis for craniosacral contact that they can integrate into their practice or as a stand alone protocol. 

AACC2:  The Fascial Bones of the Air Sinus Network and the Large Intestine Channel