Kirsch Method Acupuncture & Bodywork

Acupuncture with Craniosacral Therapy, Neural & Visceral Manipulation

Craniosacral Classes

(A focus in 
Chinese Medicine Channel and Zangfu (Organ) Applications within Craniosacral Contacts):

In these Craniosacral Classes, we will explore and dialogue with the brain, the spinal cord, all 24 vertebra, all 21 cranial bones, and the dural membrane system with the additional exploration of congruencies with chinese medicine channel and organ theory and application.  


Therapeutic license to touch (ie. Acupuncture License, Massage License, Chiropractic Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist)

(Students may apply on a one to one basis for consideration)

Craniosacral 1:  

Midline, the Core Link, and Governor Vessel
(3 day, 18 hours, $600)

In this class we make our initial contact with midline from sacrum to occiput, known as the core link, and explore the reciprocal tension of the dural tube connecting the two structures, as well as the energetics of extraordinary vessel Du or Governor Vessel.

We examine traditional flexion and extension as well as liquid electric models of brain, spine, sacrum and occiput, and develop our understanding and connection of craniosacral rhythm, mid tide, and long tide.  

Craniosacral 2:

Midline, Upper Reciprocal Tension Membrane, and Governor Vessel:
(3 days, 18 hours, $600)

In this class we continue exploration of midline and Governor vessel through the upper reciprocal tension membrane.  We work with the neurocranium and flexion and extension and liquid electric models of movement of the ethmoid, sphenoid, frontal, and parietal bones, the sphenobasilar joint, and the divergent channels of Governor Vessel.

Craniosacral 3:

Movement Lateral:  The three bowls and Girdling Vessel
(3 days, 18 hours, $600)

In this class we will explore the pelvic bowl, the diaphragmatic bowl, and the cranial bowl through the tentorium.  We will also move from the neurocranium to the visceral cranium and work with flexion / extension and liquid electric models of movement for the temporal bones, the maxilla and mandible, and the relationship between the stomatognathic system and the pelvis.  We will look at how all these horizontal structures relate to the horizontal extraordinary channel Girdling Vessel.  

Craniosacral 4:

Air Sinuses and Speed Reducers
(3 days, 18 hours, $600)

In this class we will work with the frontal air sinuses, ethmoid air sinus, sphenoid air sinus, maxillary air sinuses, and auditory tube, and work to create space to allow drainage and proper functioning of the sinuses.  We will follow the connection of the air sinuses through the dural membrane and tube to sacrum.  Additionally we will work the "speed reducers" of the cranium the zygote, the palatines, and the vomer, for flexion and extension and liquid electric models of movement and complete our contact to all 21 bones of the cranium.  

Craniosacral 5:

The Chakras, the Spiritual Heart, and Conception Vessel
(3 days, 18 hours, $600)

In this class we will explore the chakra system, and detail chakra location as expressed by Mikio Sankey in his volumes of work in 'Esoteric Acupuncture.' Additionally we will explore Conception Vessel, and connect Conception Vessel to where we began at Governor Vessel to grasp a whole body circulation of energy.  We will consider the heart chakra as the center of centers and special attention will be given to working with the spiritual heart.