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Acupuncture combined with an Acupressure Approach to   Craniosacral & Organ Based Care  

Based in Trenton, GA (central to Alabama, Chattanooga (20 min), and 2 hours from Nashville & Atlanta

Quarterly Care to Austin, TX


Eight time Award Winning Best of Practice


International Teacher

for Craniosacral Work




Kirsch Method Acupuncture & Bodywork.

Over 15 years of experience giving people back to themselves.

Stays with you the duration of the treatment.

Places the points and deepens the work with Craniosacral Therapy.

 Well experienced treating . . .


Neck Pain


Back Pain


Shoulder Pain

Tempromandibular Joint Pain

Carpal Tunnel Pain

Support Post Operative Brain Tumor Recovery

Sciatic Pain 

Plantar Fascitis

Support Cancer Care alongside Western Medicine


Support Labor & Delivery with your OB/GYN and / or Midwife

Digestive Conditions: 

Period Pain & Cycle Irregularities

You are invited to take some time to read through this site.  

Your questions are always welcomed.


Call or Text with Questions and / or 

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