Kirsch Method Acupuncture & Bodywork

Acupuncture with Craniosacral Therapy, Neural & Visceral Manipulation

In this practice learned knowledge and skill pairs with intuitive perception of what is needed to facilitate healing.  You may choose from combined Acupuncture & Bodywork, or complete bodywork sessions in the form of Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Neural Manipulation.  Regardless of the technique, the work is in the listening and gentle yet intelligent communication with your body; in this work gentleness creates strong results.

~ Matthew Kirsch

"The care of the person begins in the caring about the person." 
~ Francis Peabody

Matthew Kirsch's 
North & South Austin 
One on One Practice

Six time award recognized acupuncturist, Matthew brings his 12 years of experience in acupuncture with craniosacral therapy to advance people's health and resolve pain.



Classes for Practitioners
(Study with Matthew)

Classes in acupuncture applications in craniosacral contacts for practitioners (acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist, etc) 



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