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Message from Matthew:

"I imagine that by arriving here, you are being challenged by some form of pain, and for that I am sorry to hear; yet stay optimistic because the body is always trying to heal. Signs and symptoms provide a road map to the cause of the health challenge, and healing in its many shapes and textures is always possible.

I believe in people going through the conventional channels, working with medical doctors and the wisdom they have to offer.  I believe everything has a place, including this practice and what I can offer in service.

The beauty of acupuncture and the manual modalities is that they contain a language to assess gradients of well-being, so even if something does not show on a standardized lab test, we can still assess and better the body through listening to signs and symptoms, and employ techniques that are honoring and considerate to the process of healing and the integrity and humanity of the person.

I am here to help in the best way I can.  People ask how long until they should see some results.  Often you will feel a  betterment in your first session, and by the conclusion of three sessions experience a significant shift in the alleviation of your symptoms and for you to know if this practice is serving you.  While many people continue past this point for higher experiences of health and quality of life, my goal is for you to not need this practice as fast as possible and give you back to yourself.

If you resonate, I invite you to call or use the online scheduler.  Receive a treatment, have an experience.  We do our work with listening, with focus, with gentleness, with depth, with stillness, with skill, and step back and let the body heal. 

~ In Healing,




  • Licensed Acupuncturist 
  • Licensed Massage Therapist 119112
  • Certified Massage Therapy Instructor
  • Certified Craniosacal Therapist
  • Craniosacral Therapy Teacher
  • Certified Level 1 Visceral Teaching Assistant
  • NCCAOM Diplomat Of Oriental Medicine


  • 15 years of private practice experience
  • 8 times AFM Best of Austin
  • 5 times AFM #1 Best of Austin 
  • over 1,000 sessions given yearly
  • 5 levels of Neural Manipulation
  • 5 levels of Visceral Manipulation
  • practice based in Chattanooga, TN
  • treatment rounds in Austin, TX
  • international craniosacral teacher


"The thinker collects and 

links up proofs.  

The mystic does just the opposite.

She lays her head on the person's chest

And sinks into the anwer."

~ Rumi


"The intention is for you to notice betterment in one session and significant shift within three sessions. The big intention is for you to have received exactly what you needed and not have a need for this practice. The intention is to skillfully and perceptively give you back to yourself so you have more freedom to enjoy your best life."

To these intentions we work. 

~ Matthew Kirsch

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