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Regular Rates & Sliding Scale - Donation Based Care

Why I structure rates as I do:

from $50 to $250

One of my favorite sayings comes from Francis Peabody, "that the care of the person begins with caring about the person," and I believe accessing care through this practice should not place additional strain on a person while they are attempting to heal. The most affordable care I can offer is in Chattanooga and Trenton, where I have my home base. Austin and New York both require airfare, more expensive space rental, car rental (austin, not NYC) and lodging rental, and rates are asked at $125 for Austin and $185 for NYC. The donation based rate is always available to you, but please consider what it also takes for me to deliver this care to you. 

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Regular Rates:

Acupuncture combined with an Acupressure Approach to Craniosacral or, 

Only Acupressure approach:

Regular Rate: Chattanooga, Trenton and Austin

A 60 minute session is $125

A 90 minute session is $180

Regular Rate NYC:

60 minute $185

90 minute $250

Middle sliding scale rate at $80

Lower sliding scale rate at $50

Donation Based Care starting at $10

When the covid pandemic hit, it hit many people differently, but some lost their entire income, and this practice opened sliding scale and donation based rates; it is in the heart of the practice to continue to make this available to whoever needs for however long it is needed in their treatment plan. 

Please do not stay in pain because the finances are not there for care. You are important, and worth to be cared for. There are no questions asked about your situation or income; do what you can with where you are and I will always give you my best.

Community Partnership  & Global Outreach

My work with Southern Soul Yoga in Chattanooga is tied to collective collaborations that benefit the community. We will have days where all proceeds go to benefit supporting cats at the Cat Cafe and scholorship programs for those looking to become yoga instructors and have a need for financial assistance. 

As I travel, I am looking for Volunteer opportunities to help underserved communities in Australia, Guatemala, Hawaii, and here on the mainland in the states. Feel free to contact me about such opportunities. 

Free Four Legged Family Pet Bereavement Care:

Chloe was a special soul, a constant companion, guardian angel, and best healer I ever met. It is in her memory I offer a free session within the first 3 weeks of the loss of a four legged family member. While society often knows how to comfort someone who has lost a 2 legged family member, it is often not understood the heart strings that come with the loss of a 4 legged family member; and I feel for the pain you are experiencing. The offering is to give support to your grief and mourning with the depth of quietude often accessed in this practice.


We are all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass

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